Monday, August 22, 2011


Dear Phoenix Voter,

As I'm sure you've heard, the Phoenix Mayoral election is coming quickly, on August 30th. In fact, you might already have received your early ballot. Phoenix is a great City, but right now it is at a turning point, this is a watershed election and it is critical that we make sure we're informed and get out and vote. With that, I'd like to share some information with you about Peggy Neely, a strong, decisive leader I have worked with on numerous projects.

Peggy's issues include creating jobs, increasing transparency, balancing the budget, protecting public safety, and city charter reform. You can view her stance on the issues at

Listing her issues just highlights the strong track record she has built over the last nine and a half years while on City Council. Here's some more information. She brought thousands of jobs to her council district. She did this by rolling up her sleeves and taking the time to meet one on one with small and large business owners on a regular basis. She listened to what their issues were and helped them work with the City in order to have thriving businesses. To name just a few, she worked to bring W.L. Gore, APL and Republic Services to Phoenix. All brought critical jobs with them.

She has also worked hand in hand with residents and community members on many successful neighborhood block watch programs and community initiatives. She met with residents and community leaders on a regular basis. Always in touch with the issues, she made sure residents were connected with the City departments they needed in order to get matters addressed.

Peggy is a consensus builder, she brings all parties together to address issues and find solutions. She realizes, all parties will not agree, but in order to get a job done, groups must be brought together. She's not afraid to do this or to make the tough decisions.

As Mayor of the 6th largest city in the nation, especially at this critical time, we need someone who will make the difficult decisions in the best interest of the City. Someone that is articulate and knows the issues, our history, and has a plan to guide us to our potential. Someone that has vested time not only in public office, but in the community as a whole. Peggy Neely has all of these things.

The future of Phoenix is important. If you haven't checked her out already, I strongly encourage you to visit Peggy's website.

Don't forget to mail in your early ballots, or if voting in person - visit ANY one of the 26 voting centers on any of the three days - Saturday, August 27th, Monday August 29th, or Tuesday, August 30th. You can find more info on locations here -


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az_geo said...

Peggy is an ass...she is against SB 1070 and supports Illegals....In fact she set up Sal Reza's Illegal day labor center on 25th street and Bell rd...fortunately it was finally closed...She is totally corrupt and in the pocket of whoever, realestate developers or unions that offers her the most money on any given day.