Monday, August 01, 2011

Babeu, Gates Endorse Jim Waring For Phoenix City Council

Jim Waring Receives Endorsement of

Sheriff Paul Babeu & Councilman Bill Gates

Phoenix, AZ - Jim Waring, Republican Candidate for Phoenix City Council, proudly announced today that his campaign has been endorsed by Sheriff Paul Babeu and Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates.

"Jim Waring has an unmatched record as a taxpayer watchdog and supporter of tough laws that have reduced drunk driving and domestic violence. As a veteran, I know that we've seldom had a better friend in public office than Jim Waring." said Babeu. "Phoenix is by far the biggest city in Arizona. For our state to work, we desperately need Phoenix to work. I have worked hard to bring transparency and honest government to Pinal County, and wherever good candidates like Waring seek to do the same, they will have my support."

Councilman Bill Gates had this to say, "Today I announced that I am endorsing Jim Waring for Phoenix City Council District 2. Jim has been a good friend for many years and will be a great ally to have at City Hall."

"Sheriff Babeu and Councilman Gates are long time friends, and I am pleased to have received their endorsements. Councilman Gates and Sheriff Babeu are working hard to make the City of Phoenix and State of Arizona a better place. I look forward to working closely with Councilman Gates to make sure that we do what is right for the citizens of Phoenix," said Jim Waring.


Jim Waring is the Republican candidate for Phoenix City Council in District 2. He previously served in the Arizona State Senate from 2003 - 2010, where he was named Champion of the Taxpayer for his efforts to reign in government spending and reduce waste.

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