Friday, June 03, 2011

Brett Mecum: “How to lose a job in 10 days” - Guest Commentary

By now just about everyone involved in politics is aware that Brett Mecum was fired from his job as Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party this week. Mecum came into the Arizona political scene after he was blacklisted from working in politics in New York. After moving to Phoenix, it only took Brett 2 years to become one of the most despised people in Arizona politics. Let’s take a look at Brett’s top 10 accomplishments:

1- He was busted for going 109 mph on the freeway.

2- A picture of Mecum was released on the which depicted him receiving a simulated oral sex act in a Captain America outfit.

3- Told candidates he could offer them “robo dials” - how pathetic?

4- Scared away potential donors to the state party due to his questionable

5- Was reported to the authorities in an affidavit which stated that he illegally used the Voter Vault records to stalk a woman.

6- Did a miserable job raising money for Arizona Candidates.

7- Divided the party

8- Under investigation for allegedly selling endorsements.

9- Chased away almost all of the volunteers creating a virtual ghost town at the state party

10- Not professional and known for not returning phone calls

It was rumored that Mecum was inspired to wear suspenders after watching the movie “The Godfather.” He saw himself as the character Michael Corleone and acted that way around the state party office. It is sad to say that Mecum and Pullen took credit for victories in Arizona elections in 2010. The truth is that the candidates got very little help or support from the AZ GOP. The candidates won despite all of the bad press coming from the antics of Pullen and Mecum. It makes me ask a few questions. How many more elections could we have won if the state party was actually organized and had a legitimate victory plan? If Mecum and Pullen didn’t have such bad reputations could the state party have raised more money for candidates?

With allegations of misappropriations of money why would anyone donate money to the state party? Various sources in the Republican Party informed us that some of Arizona’s biggest donors were holding back donations until Mecum was removed from his position. They didn’t want to give their money to corrupt people or be affiliated with them by any means.

You have to give credit where credit is deserved. Tom Morrissey got rid of the biggest pariah in the office, Mecum. Let’s hope Morrissey can now rebuild the state party office. Pullen and Mecum have set back the Arizona Republican Party at least 10 years. It is going to take a long time to bring back credibility, leadership, and most of all integrity.


Barbara Espinosa said...

A "Guest COMMENTARY" how convenient to use guest commentary to bash two people instead of getting out of the closet and using your name. But then it takes courage to let people know what you think. It's easier to hide than to face a person when criticizing.

Tony GOPrano said...

I'll tell you what Barbara, we will make you a deal. When the Sonoran Alliance & Peeing Red Bloggers use their real names, then our Bloggers will too!

I know who the author is; they wanted to use their name, I told them not to. Everything we post on PM is backed up with links and sources.

People blog anonymously all the time. Everyone knows who I am. That is all that matters.