Monday, May 23, 2011


How many of you are sick and tired of hearing, "Oh the City of Phoenix Elections are non-partisan"?

The Liberals love it because they can 'HIDE' and not show their true colors.  That's how Ultra Liberal Mayor Phil Gordon got elected twice. Plus the fact that less than 18% of the Registered Voters bothered to vote in the last Mayor's Race in 2007!

That's also how we end up with all the Liberals on the Phoenix City Council. 

But times they are a changing folks! 

We already have Conservatives Sal DiCiccio & Bill Gates on the City Council with more on the way.  How do we achieve this?  We Republicans MAKE THE RACES PARTISAN, that's how.

One candidate who is doing this is JIM WARING running in District 2!  Jim is the former State Senator for LD-7 (which by the way makes up over 65% of Phoenix' District 2).  

Some (and I won't mention any names) are criticizing Waring for using the word "Republican".  We here at PM think Waring is doing the right thing. 

Getting people to vote in the City Elections has always been difficult.  Do we want the Unions to continue to control these Phoenix Elections?  Hell NO we don't.
It's time to take back Phoenix City Hall from the Liberals & Special Interest Groups that have been running things down there for years.  KUDOS to Mr. Waring for having the guts to run as a Republican! 

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