Thursday, May 05, 2011

Today in the Washington Examiner May 5, 2011

Boeing executive vice president and general counsel Michael Luttig's recent letter accusing the NLRB of mischaracterizing and misquoting decisions by Boeing and statements by the company's top executives raises some especially disturbing questions

Where was Smiley when Shabazz N-worded Obama?
By: Gregory Kane

You have to say this about Tavis Smiley: the guy is one great harrumpher. There he was this past Sunday, on a CBS morning news show, harrumphing about how the "birthers" showed a lack of civility when they repeatedly questioned whether President Obama is a native-born American. Read More

More taxes on Big Oil won't bring gas prices down
By: Cal Thomas

First-quarter profits for American oil companies are jaw dropping. Exxon Mobil Corp. earned nearly $11 billion, up 69 percent from a year ago. Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Europe's largest oil company, announced it made $8.78 billion in the first quarter, a 60 percent increase over last year. Read More

Saving 'surpluses' wouldn't have averted the entitlement crisis
By: Philip Klein

As liberals grapple with the reality that the nation's welfare state is financially unsustainable, they've renewed the myth that all would be swell if President Bush hadn't squandered the surpluses that were projected a decade ago. Read More

Examiner Local Editorial: Put the brakes on take-home vehicles
By: Examiner Editorial

When Timothy Firestine, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett's top administrative officer, was asked by a Washington Post reporter whether the county had a major problem with unmonitored take-home vehicles, he replied: "I don't even know yet. When I ask questions and I'm sort of not getting answers, my antennae go up. We really need to work on strengthening the controls and oversight." Read More

Manhattan Moment: To cut costs, health care needs far more info
By: Paul Howard

There's growing bipartisan agreement that curbing America's runaway debt will require reducing spending for government health care programs like Medicare. To that end, President Obama is trying to convince voters that we can cut "unnecessary spending" that won't have any effect on seniors' access to care. Read More

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