Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today in the Washington Examiner May 10, 2011

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Talk to enough people around this key primary state and you'll learn two lessons, over and over again. One is that there is absolutely, positively no unity among Republicans about any presidential candidate or potential candidate; there's no such thing as a frontrunner. The other is that in the back of their minds, many Republicans are hoping that somewhere, somehow, a superhero candidate will swoop down out of the sky and rescue them from their current lackluster presidential field. They know it's a fantasy, but they still hope. Read More

Susan Ferrechio - Congress has jobs on agenda -- really

Drowned out by the news of Osama bin Laden's death and talks between the White House and Congress on the approaching debt limit, each chamber's minority party last week issued separate plans aimed at creating jobs and revving up the nation's lackluster economy. Read More

Timothy P. Carney - Obama's 'open' government hides behind close doors

Barack Obama promised a more active, more open government. He's delivered on half of that. Two House committee hearings last week focused on the Obama administration's lack of transparency. Cliff Stearns' Energy and Commerce subcommittee on oversight and Darrell Issa's Government Reform Committee both assailed the administration for operating behind closed doors. The hearings only scratched the surface of the problem. Read More

Michael Barone - What the GOP can learn from Canada's Conservatives

Some years ago the columnist and editor Michael Kinsley sponsored a contest to come up with the most boring headline. The winner was "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative." Well, Canada held an election last Monday and the result was anything but boring. It amounts to something like a revolution in Canadian politics and has lessons, I think, for those of us south of the border. Read More

David Freddoso - Obama reveals on 60 Minutes that he's more of a cowboy than Bush

Here's the write-up from the Washington Post: Read More

Philip Klein - Bin Laden watches self on TV

If you haven't seen it already, this video released by the Pentagon of Osama bin Laden watching himself on television is pretty remarkable. Instead of being dressed in one of his white robes looking refreshed with his beared black, bin Laden has a grey beard, is huddled over wrapped in a blanket wearing a knit cap. He resembles the type of character you'd see walking around New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal. Read More

Philip Klein - NY Times slams Obama for turning blind eye to Dem outside group

Last week, I reported that two former top aides in the Obama administration were forming an outside group to support Democrats, enabling them to raise the same sort of secret money that Obama once decried as a "threat to democracy." In an editorial today, the New York Times Read More

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