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This time it's not the economy, stupid! By HJS

HJS Comments: Thanks to for the annotated article following the comments. When will the United Nations and nations of the West realize that Islam is an ideology as well as a religion; if we acknowledge and treat the religious component with the same degree of reverence as we treat any other religion, we should then treat the ideological component, Political Islam, the same as we would treat any other destructive and murderous ideology.

The Leftists dare accuse us of racism—even though race isn’t involved; they simply know other Leftists react violently to the words “racist” and the Right is erroneously hurt by such unfair and inaccurate acrimony.

I have gone on record many times agreeing that the most moderate thinking Muslims would be safe in testifying in court that these terrible crimes are not only encouraged, but justified by several verses of the Quran and that not joining such pogroms, which the Muslim person-on-the-street believes is part of jihad, is a violation of the sharia. Even if the acts are legal under the Quran, it does not make them legal under any human rights laws.

If the United Nations will not act, it should be eliminated and a better organization developed to ensure the preservation of human rights. Meanwhile, the European Union needs to take action and not sit on its duff ignoring such agony and massacres as if it is none of their business. BS!

And the United States should also do its share to end this systemic tragedy, and South American countries, and everybody else who counts himself or herself human! It is not the economy, stupid! It is the murder of human

NOTE: Muslims are taught in the Koran that Christians are the most monstrous of blasphemers and the most wicked of people because they believe that Jesus is the son of God. This is the greatest sin in Islam, the only sin which Allah will never pardon.

Nigeria: Muslims kill 17 Christians, including wife and three children of a pastor

That detail is left out of the BBC report below, as it is standard for the mainstream media to make every effort to downplay "sectarian" violence as the product of mutual "tensions," preferring to implicate organized religion, tribalism, or "extremism" in general rather than the stated intentions of one group and its scriptures (the Qur'an, that is) against another. This report shows the targeted nature of the rampage. "Muslim Attackers Kill Fifteen Christians in Nigeria," from International Christian Concern, May 7:

Washington -- International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that today Muslim attackers killed 17 Christians, including the wife and three children of a pastor, and burned down several Christian homes in the village of Kurum, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

"It is not right for anyone to kill another person. Life is precious and a gift from God. Since 1999 in Bauchi state, several Christians have been killed but no one has been brought before justice. The government has to intervene. The government has to be fair to all its citizens," said Reverend Turbe Ngodem in an interview with ICC. Reverend Ngodem is the General Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria in Bauchi State.

Since the introduction of Sharia law in northern Nigeria in 1999, thousands of Christians have been killed by Muslim radicals in an unrelenting series of regular attacks. The local Muslim government officials have failed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Jonathan Racho, ICC's Regional Manager for Africa, said, "We are extremely concerned with this latest killing of Christians by Muslim attackers. We once again urge Nigerian officials to prevent the bloodshed of innocent Christians in northern Nigeria. Nigeria must end impunity for the perpetrators of these heinous crimes."

And from the
BBC, "Nigeria: Deadly attack on northern village," May 7:
At least 16 people have been killed in an attack on a predominantly Christian village in northern Nigeria.

Police said late on Friday that unidentified assailants had also burnt a number of houses in the village in Bauchi state, near Tafawa Balewa.

Bauchi is in Nigeria's middle belt, where the predominantly Muslim north meets the mainly Christian south.

Presenting the symptoms as the underlying cause:

There are long-standing tensions in the area rooted in power struggles and land disputes, correspondents say.

This has caused violence in the past between indigenous Christian or animist groups, and Muslim settlers from the North.

Hundreds have died in clashes in Nigeria following national elections last month in which Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Christian, won the presidential poll against a Muslim, Muhammadu Buhari.

The worst of the violence was in Bauchi and Kaduna states.

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