Friday, May 20, 2011

Russell Pearce: Pioneer Against Illegal Immigration or Racist? By Fox 10 News

Thursday, 19 May 2011

NOTE:  KUDOS to former State Rep. BILL KONOPNICKI  for standing up for what is right!

Russell Pearce: Pioneer Against Illegal Immigration or Racist?:


MESA - He's the architect of Arizona's immigration policy -- State Senate President Russell Pearce. A polarizing political figure, if ever there was one. But who is the real Russell Pearce?

Is Pearce a champion of conservative values, gun rights, and secure borders? Or an angry, vengeful Mesa Republican with former ties to an Arizona neo-Nazi?

Pearce tells FOX 10 News in this exclusive report it's his stance against illegal immigration that makes him a target.

We talked to former state legislator Bill Konopnicki, several another currently-serving senators who wish to be unnamed, Heidi Beirich with the Southern Poverty Law Center, national socialist activist JT Ready, Bill Straus with the Anti-Defamation League about their experiences with the lawmaker -- and of course, Russell Pearce himself.

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