Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Peggy Neely Shines at Citizens of Phoenix Debate

PHOENIX – Former Phoenix City Councilwoman Peggy Neely shined yesterday at the candidate debate hosted by the group, Citizens of Phoenix. Neely displayed the breadth and depth of her understanding of the issues in the first meeting of the five mayoral candidates.


“I am pleased with the results of the debate,” said Neely. “It was a wonderful opportunity to share ‘The Phoenix We Want’ with the citizens and my vision for more jobs, a balanced budget, and increased transparency. Most importantly, I had fun.”

The debate ranged on a number of issues including neighborhood preservation, public safety and jobs. Neely discussed working closely with neighborhoods on issues such as preserving open space, addressing water rates, and pushing for increased efficiencies across the city.

“Last year, I pushed for efficiency studies in departments across the city including police, fire, courts, and the water department,” said Neely. “Streamlining the size of government is something we will never stop doing. We will always look for new ways to get the job done – to reinvent an old process. Changing things in government is never easy. The system wants things to stay the same – it fights change. But some things have to change. They need to change.”

On the topic of jobs, Peggy made it clear that she is no stranger to attracting businesses to Phoenix.

“My focus is on jobs, jobs, jobs. My priority as the Mayor of Phoenix, my focus each day as I go to work, my commitment of time and energy will be on jobs. I will work as Mayor to attract business and investment to attract high wage employers,” said Neely.

During her time on the city council, District 2 has been a strong leader in job creation attracting companies such as Republic Services, Mayo Clinic Hospital, W.L. Gore and Associates, American Express, Axway, APL, Ryan Companies, and Penske Automotive Group/ Chauncey Ranch Auto Boutique developing thousands of jobs and attracting regional and national headquarters in Phoenix.

“I think Peggy scored major points with her experience in creating jobs,” said Kathy Landis. “It was really clear that she was the candidate with the most real experience. It is that kind of leadership we need for the city as a whole.”

Neely stuck to the issues and responded with real actions she took while on council and the plans contained in her extensive policy agenda. She also pointed to the need for accountability and transparency in local government and the need for the Mayor and council to go above and beyond in being open and accountable for her actions.

“When it comes down to it,” explained Ken Cada, “Peggy is the only candidate with a real plan. The voters of Phoenix deserve real plans – and Peggy delivered.”


Paid for by Neely for Mayor


Anonymous said...

She must have been at a different debate than me. She clearly was uninformed, reading every answer and brought not a single new idea.

Clif said...

Peggy Neely will NEVER be elected Mayor of Phoenix. As a trusted representative of District 2 she violated her fiduciary obligation to her electors. She has "sold out" to commercial interests like Westcor. She has a clear conflict of interest by having Paul Gilbert, a zoning attorney for Westcor on her campaign staff helping to raise money for her failed bid for Mayor. As head of Transportation for the City of Phoenix as a City Council member, Peggy Neely gerrymandered Sonoran Blvd, a road that was supposed to link the new 303-loop east to Route 51. Upon information and belief she was paid off by Westcor with the help of attorney Paul Gilbert to not only change the name of Sonoran Blvd but to actually build the road so that it aligns with Westcor's property in Northern Phoenix and NOT Route 303. This, of course, enhances the value of Westcor's 80 acre commercial parcel of property. Why is this important? Because now motorists who are traveling on the new extension of 303 won't be able to travel east of I-17 to get to Route 51. Peggy Neely for political purposes "broke" the loop and has caused motorists irreparable harm. Not only that but because of her blind ambition to become Mayor, the road Peggy Neely is building, the NEW Sonoran Blvd., will dead end in a Phoenix residential community causing massive traffic and confusion for NOT only the local residents but for the folks who will be traveling WEST from North Scottsdale, Cave Creek Road area, and Carefree who think they are going to I-17 or 303. They will dead end at the intersection of North Valley Parkway and the NEW Neely Sonoran Blvd. This is called the Road To Nowhere. However, there a simple solution, build the Road To Somewhere. The Road To Somewhere is where the road was originally supposed to be built. This road is ONE mile south of the Neely-Westcor Freeway and perfectly aligns with the new Route 303. In fact, there is funding for this road and not for the Neely-Westcor Road. I am President of the Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association. My name is Clif Freedman. See

Anonymous said...

Having worked with Neely on neighborhood issues in the past, I would never vote for her. She consistently sided with the company creating the nuance in our neighborhood, even when they caused property damage. The term bought and paid for was often heard from the lips of her constituents.