Friday, April 08, 2011

Today in the Washington Examiner April 8, 2011

Byron York - Reforming entitlements is key to a strong military

Here in Washington, Rep. Paul Ryan didn't talk about Britain or cruise missiles when he unveiled his path-breaking budget proposal this week. But the new House Budget Committee chairman could not have been clearer: In coming years, the Big Three entitlement programs -- Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security -- will consume the United States' budget. By sometime around 2050, if increases in the costs of those programs continue unchecked, they will eat up every single tax dollar collected by the federal government.

Hayley Peterson - Obama set up as hero or zero in budget showdown

Obama distanced himself from the budget standoff for months, as Congress repeatedly passed temporary funding measures that kept the government running for as little as two weeks at a time. And he had words just as hurtful to Democrats and Republicans when he publicly chastised gridlocked lawmakers to "act like grown-ups."

David Freddoso - You think tea partiers use crazy rhetoric?

Think Tea Partiers are crazy? They've got nothing on Democratic members of Congress defending federal abortion subsidies. If you wonder why the traditional media ignored the rally for abortion on the National Mall yesterday, here's your answer: Read More

Susan Ferrechio - Ghosts of shutdowns past haunt budget negotiations

Today, polls show the public is ready to blame both congressional Republicans and the Democratic president equally, making a shutdown politically risky for both sides.

Sara Carter - Border agents cite pressure not to detain illegals

A decrease in the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States from Mexico touted by federal officials is a fiction created by an unwritten policy to avoid arresting those crossing the border illegally and instead to use a variety of tactics to turn them back across the border, federal law enforcement agents said.

Wisconsin stunner: Prosser gains over 7,000 votes after discovery of error

In a stunning turn of events, incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is now in a strong position to fend off union-supported challenger Joanne Kloppenburg after the discovery of an error that prevented the votes from a Republican-heavy city from being counted. Prosser had trailed by a few hundred votes at the start of the day, but will now have a lead of over 7,000. Read More

Susan Ferrechio - GOP, Dems can't even agree on why they disagree

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Thursday that Republicans and Democrats remain unable to agree on how much money to cut from the remaining six months of the fiscal year, but Democrats claim the impasse is the result of social policy riders the GOP wants to include in the budget bill. Read More

David Freddoso - Obama makes war on math, big families

This incredible exchange, between Obama and one of the many big-family victims of liberals' fuel efficiency rules, demonstrates it:

I know some of these big guys, they’re all still driving their big SUVs. You know, they got their big monster trucks and everything. You’re one of them? Well, now, here’s my point. If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting eight miles a gallon -- (laughter) -- you may have a big family, but it’s probably not that big. How many you have? Ten kids, you say? Ten kids? (Laughter.) Well, you definitely need a hybrid van then. (Laughter.) Read More

Cobb Carroll - Obama to voter on gas prices: 'You might want to think about a trade-in'

The Los Angeles Times reports today that Read More

Timothy P. Carney - Green tax credits in the form of greenbacks: Who's getting them

Energy subsidy reporter Russ Choma of the Investigative Reporting Workship pointed me to data on who is pocketing cash from a stimulus-created "tax credit" that provides payments to investors in green energy. Read More

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