Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today In The Washington Examiner April 20, 2011

Byron York - Get ready for game of chicken over debt ceiling

You want to get attention on Capitol Hill? Threaten to lower the U.S. government credit rating. The news that Standard & Poor's has lowered its outlook for the United States from "stable" to "negative" shot through congressional offices on Monday. An already-hot fight over raising the national debt got even hotter. Read More

Susan Ferrechio - Battle over debt limit looming on Hill

The battle awaits Republicans and Democrats when Congress returns in two weeks and debate begins over whether to raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt limit. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner informed Congress that the nation's borrowing limit will be reached May 16, leaving him with only enough wiggle room to pay the nation's bills until July 8. After that, if Congress doesn't raise the limit, the United States will start defaulting on loans and interest rates will skyrocket, shattering the already fragile economy. Read More

Philip Klein - House Dems insist S&P warning means Congress should raise debt ceiling, no strings attached

More than half of House Democrats are seizing on news that Standard and Poor's could downgrade the United States' bond rating to make the argument that Republicans need to raise the debt limit without tying it to additional spending restraint. "America pays its bills," said Rep. Read More

Hayley Peterson - Obama goes local to pitch budget plan, re-election

President Obama is taking his deficit-reduction plans - and his pitch for re-election - on the road this week. But he's also reaching into critical swing states without ever leaving the White House. Obama is sitting for a series of "exclusive" interviews with local television news reporters from battleground states he needs to win in 2012, taking an opportunity to speak more directly to voters, something the president admittedly failed to do in the months leading up to the last fall's midterm elections. Read More

Sara Carter - Uprisings in Islamic world undermine U.S. war on terrorism

Violent uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa, coupled by strained relations between the Untied States and Pakistan, are overwhelming American counterterrorism efforts aimed at al Qaeda, giving the terrorist organization breathing room to plan attacks on the West, intelligence analysts and military officials say. Read More

Michael Barone - Prospects for grand bargain after Obama speech: dismal

Keith Hennessey, veteran of federal budget making in both the executive and legislative branches, pays Barack Obama a compliment by taking seriously the proposals he outlined in his partisan and petulant (my adjectives, from my Sunday Examiner column speech last Wednesday. Read More

Conn Carroll - Did Dylan defeat China’s censors?

Bob Dylan traveled to Taiwan and China earlier this month and some reporters accused him of succumbing to Chinese censors. The Washington Post‘s Keith Richburg reported: Read More

Phil Klein - Why Trump is no Ross Perot

With a few polls starting to show Donald Trump at or near the top of the Republican presidential field, we're starting to see more pundits evaluate him seriously as a candidate. This is a mistake. Read More

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