Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today in the Washington Examiner April 12, 2011

Timothy P. Carney - Democrats will yield on everything but abortion

This Democratic Senate and White House are clearly willing to disappoint their base on many issues. They've agreed to spending cuts and tax cuts for the wealthy, scrapped a public option, and continued warrantless wiretaps, indefinite detention of terrorism suspects and unnecessary wars on Arab dictators. But in last week's budget debate we glimpsed the party's unshakable core: dedication to the abortion lobby.

Michael Barone - Spending cuts are hot in the political marketplace

The House seems sure to pass Ryan's budget and Republican presidential candidates are likely to embrace similar proposals. None of this would have happened -- and didn't happen during the Bush years -- but for public reaction to the Obama Democrats' policies.

Philip Klein - Obama to outline plan to confront long-term debt crisis -- and this time he really, really, means it

I wrote last week that for President Obama, it's never the right time to deal with the long-term debt crisis. But senior adviser David Plouffe took to the Sunday morning shows to announce that Obama would give a major speech outlining his plan on Wednesday. Read More

Philip Klein - Boehner and the right

Mark Tapscott and David Fredosso captured some of the frustration among conservatives about the budget deal, and for more disappointment, check out Red State. Read More

David Freddoso - Boehner's deal: Not the hill conservatives are choosing to die on

Conservatives may not be happy with the deal that averted a government shutdown on Friday night, but that doesn't mean they are expressing much genuine outrage or anger toward Speaker John Boehner for making it. Take, for example, this reaction from Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., who appeared today on ABC's "The Week": Read More

David Freddoso - Conservatives wince at budget deal, but look forward to 2012 debate

Mark Tapscott caught some of the initial conservative reactions to the last-minute budget deal that was approved Friday night. There is an unmistakable tone of resignation in many of their comments. Read More

Mark Tapscott - Anger, sadness among some House GOPers over $39 billion CR deal

Yes, there is a deal between House Speaker John Boehner and congressional Democrats that funds the government for the five-month balance of the 2011 fiscal year and staves off a temporary shutdown. But in the early hours after announcement of the agreement, there is a sense of anger and resignation rather than relief or victory in some quarters of House GOP. Read More

Michael Barone - Obama's Fairless flub

I should have looked more closely at the dateline—Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania—on the stories about Barack Obama’s let-them-eat-cake—er, no, let-them-build-a-hybrid-van. Read More

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