Sunday, April 24, 2011

SB 1331--The Legislative Finger in the Dike

For the next few days we would like to review this legislation and point out changes, good points and the problem area's that were not addressed as it pertains to precinct committeeman hereafter abbreviated as pc's.

There are two distinct ways to become pc's that are covered in this Legislation.

The first way is to get the required number of signatures from members of your party from your precinct that are eligible to vote, file the petition and run for the office of Precinct committeeman during the State primary election cycle. If more people run for office than the precinct has openings for the voters from your party and precinct will vote for that office. The number of openings for each precinct is spelled out in a formula and is available from your county recorder. If for example your precinct has openings for three pc's the top three vote getters will be deemed elected. The second way a precinct committeeman will be deemed elected is if they submit the required and properly filled out petition but there are less than or equal to the maximum number of pc's allowed in that precinct running for office. In this case the County Board of Supervisors can declare pc's elected without a vote from their precinct.

The second way to become a pc is to be appointed by the County Board of Supervisors. This requires that an opening in a precinct be declared, that is the precinct does not have its allotted number of pc's for the applicants party and the applicants County Chairman, with his or her approval, forwards the name of the prospective PC to the Board of Supervisors. This is called an appointed precinct committeeman.

O.K it's time to wake up as the dull and boring section is over, maybe. It is paramount that the difference between the two offices be understood as SB 1331 explains the responsibility's of elected vs. appointed pc's but also leaves some gray area's that are fun to play "what if" with....What if a State Legislative Office is vacated in your Legislative District. Which class of pc get to vote to present replacement recommendations to the Board of Supervisors?.....Can appointed pc's be a member of the county committee or vote for those officers?........Can an appointed pc be a state committeeman or vote for state committeeman? Is the "Dike still leaking?"..........Let's discuss this tomorrow.


TheOnlyTrueConservative said...

Walt - Glad to see you're on the case on this.

Paula Pennypacker has a post on this same issue.

Tony GOPrano said...

Welcome to the newest member of Team PM, Walt & Anne!

Great post! The Dems just this year elected a State Chairman who was NOT an Elected PC! They appointed him (which normally doesn't take place until February) but the Dems didn't want Rockin' Rodney Glassman as their Chairman.

Imagine if the Republicans pulled that crap?

Anonymous said...

Well, Republican's elected a chairman with no experience, tons of personal baggage, can't raise money, can't unite the party.

Dems elected a chairman that is doing everything that a Chair is suppose to do.

So I guess I'd take an appointed PC/SC. Is it too late for a do over?