Monday, April 18, 2011

BRUCE ASH: The UofA President Robert Shelton must NOT be allowed to "steal" Hundreds of millions of dollars from UMC!

The UofA President Robert Shelton must NOT be allowed to "steal" Hundreds of millions of dollars from UMC and throw it into the black hole of the UofA's general fund!


In 1984 The University Medical Center was yanked away from the academics because it had been run into a ditch by the UofA elites .

Under the leadership of a community based board and competent management by UPH the hospital has flourished economically and is one of our nation's leading hospitals.

Now Robert Shelton wants to take hundreds of millions of cash reserves and all future profits from UMC out of Health Sciences and use them to make up his own black hole deficits at the UofA. This is wrong.

Keep his hands off our community money...don't allow Shelton to ruin one of Southern Arizona's treasures so he can continue the wasteful spending and abuse that goes on at the UofA. Think about the next time you may need the services at UMC. Do you want some egg head making decisions that impact your health care or the kind of competent health professionals who helped Gabby Giffords?

......."Tell our legislators ( Judy Burgess 602-926-5861 ) that you say yes to new collaborations that will improve health care and medical innovation without removing accountability and community involvement as long as taxpayers are on the hook for deficits under the Robert Shelton's new plans."
Shelton's dash for our cash is a political play dictated by the Arizona Board of Regents and encouraged by Fred DuVal to curry favor amongst the academics so he can run for office in 2012.

Call your legislator at the Capitol today and tell them to support community based medicine at UMC - not Shelton's money grab.

Don't allow Robert Shelton to soil our community with his bad policy.


Bruce Ash
National Committeeman

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