Thursday, March 31, 2011

Michele Bachmann’s fundraiser with AZGOP has ties to convicted sex offender Mark Spinks


When Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, brings her tea party to Scottsdale on Saturday, she needs to be on the lookout for Stranger Danger and Captain America.

Neither Bachmann nor her aides utilized a simple GOOGLE search in an effort to scrutinize all of the crimes and illegal/immoral acts committed by both past and present officials of the Arizona Republican Party and her host committee.

One guy would have stood out (no pun intended).

Ahwatukee’s Mark Spinks is now a $1,000 per month “party consultant” to Chairman Tom Morrissey and the AZGOP.

Spinks, the newest AZGOP “Chairman’s Pet” likes to get naked in front of women – without their permission. He even has the criminal record to prove it.

Between October 2005 and April 2006, the Phoenix Police Department charged Ahwatukee’s failed congressional candidate, Mark Spinks, with NINE counts of criminal INDECENT EXPOSURE. Indecent exposure is a sex crime according to Arizona Revised Statute 13-1402.

In April 2006, Spinks pleaded guilty to one count of indecent exposure. The other eight charges against Spinks were dropped by the Phoenix Municipal Court. He served a 30 day suspended jail sentence and completed three years of probation.

Spinks joins crooked but conservative Constantin Querard’s Grassroots Partners, Teresa Martinez and Phil Mason as vendors on the AZGOP’s February 2011 FEC finance report.

Just a few weeks ago, Spinks and his “Arizona Liberty Project” group hosted Congressman Trent Franks at a Reagan Day Dinner & fundraiser in Ahwatukee.

According to March 2011 FEC records, Mark Spinks and Teresa Martinez are the respective chairman and treasurer of the newly founded “Arizona Liberty Project PAC”.

In a seriously disgusting move, the Arizona Liberty Project recruited members of local Teenage Republicans groups to serve the Reagan Day Dinner menu to the guests - as waiters and waitresses.

Not ONE teenager, boy or girl, should EVER be recruited or coerced into servitude by Spinks, Martinez, or their affiliated ALP PAC. It is beyond conscionable that this was allowed to happen.

Kids, women and especially Congresswomen…….stay away. Stay very far away.

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Barbara Espinosa said...

This is just to damn much. Tom Morrissey is paying this sex offender a $1,000.00 amonth along with a public relations firm that has a Democrat President. It's time fo Tom to GO.
Barbara Espinosa

Anonymous said...

Fast hide your kids,women and money from Mark Spinks.