Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who Started the Vicious, False Rumors Against A Local Republican Group Leader?

Last week, on September 24th to be exact, an article was posted on the Espresso Pundit Blog called "The Mother of All Public Records Requests...". In this article was a list of the 'Desert Divas' VIP Prostitution Bust last year.

EP put a link to the list. Well then that's where all the trouble started!

One of the 'names' on this list was Charles Jensen. This was the actual posting:

CHARLES JENSEN,,Address Withheld,,,,SCOTTSDALE,85258,non-VIP repeat client,,,,,,7/16/2007,11/27/2007,12/13/2007,,,375,375,375,,,MILA,MILA,SHANNON,,,GALE,SARA,LINDA,,,,

Let's look closely at those dates. Mr. Jensen was out of town on all three of those days, here are his airplane tickets, and hotel receipts that prove he was out of town on those dates:

July 16, 2007
Click on the Photo to See Larger:

November 27, 2007

Click on the Photos to See Larger:

December 13, 2007

Click on the Photos to See Larger:

How could Mr. Jensen have done what was 'alleged' if he was out of town? Impossible isn't it. CASE CLOSED!!!

Monday's 'Arizona Guardian' article " Escort client list shakes up political community" By Dennis Welch (yes the same Dennis Welch fired by the East Valley Tribune) that tried to make Mr. Jensen look like he was involved in, and I quote from the article, "At least two prominent Republicans quit an influential GOP organization this weekend because its leader has been linked to one of the state’s biggest prostitution stings."

Mr. Jensen spoke to Dennis Welch before the article. Mr. Jensen denied ANY wrongdoing; he told Welch about the above receipts and that he was out of town, here is what Jensen said:

“I’ve hired an attorney to fight anyone who insinuates I had anything to do with this,” Jensen said Sunday. “This is 100 percent false.”

Other media are picking up on this story. Where did they get the tip from?

According to numerous sources, all weekend this story was being spread by none other than our AZ GOP Executive Director BRETT MECUM. He sent Text Messages, Voice Mails, & E-Mails to many people around town, including many of my friends & associates.

We have also heard that Mecum told the Arizona Guardian about it, which was the first publication to write a breaking story about Charles Jensen. Then he had them run a second article yesterday about it, as if one article wasn't enough

Why is Mr. Mecum doing this? Who knows? Jealousy? REVENGE? Maybe the fact that Mecum has had his own ethical problems.

About a month ago, a young, 23 year old woman was having a 'Going Away' Party. (We will not disclose her name, she has been threatened) Guess who shows up at this party UNINVITED? Brett Mecum.

When asked how he got the woman's address, Mecum said,

"I just went on Voter Vault and got it there"!
This was confirmed to us by more than one source.

For those of you not familiar with the Voter Vault system, it contains Voter file data on electronic media and paper contains voter registration files, lists or reports derived from the several counties’ General Registers. The data is the property of the Arizona Republican Party and the County Recorder of the county from which it was derived.

So what is BRETT MECUM doing using Voter Vault as a personal 'Blackbook"?

Take a look at the Voter Vault Agreement that EVERY user must sign and follow:

By pressing the I Accept button, you agree to limit your use of this voter information to political purposes only. In addition, you agree that under no circumstances will you use this information for commercial purposes

By pressing the I Accept button, you agree that you will not permit the use or copying of the voter information by any person not working under the direction of the Arizona Republican Party.

The data in the voter vault is a compilation of the several counties’ voter lists, registers and files that contains restricted data. Release or distribution of all or any part of such information is restricted and in some cases prohibited by law, subject to criminal prosecution (Class 6 Felony).

Any person using this information for any purpose except those authorized by law is subject to fine or imprisonment.

Further, any person who obtains county records for a commercial purpose without indicating the commercial purpose, or any person who uses or knowingly allows the use of this record for a commercial purpose or for a different commercial purpose than originally stated, or who obtains this data from anyone other that the Custodian of the Record and uses the information for a commercial purpose, is liable to the County for treble damages and attorney fees, in addition to penalties provided by law.

Warning: Arizona Revised Statutes §39-121.03(c) provides:A person who obtains a public record for a commercial purpose without indicating the commercial purpose or who obtains a public record for a noncommercial purpose and uses or knowingly allows the use of such public record for a commercial purpose or who obtains a public record for a commercial purpose and uses or knowingly allows the use of such public record for a different commercial purpose or who obtains a public record from anyone other than the custodian of such records and uses it for a commercial purpose shall in addition to other penalties be liable to the state or the political subdivision from which the public record was obtained for damages in the amount of three times the amount which would have been charged for the public record had the commercial purpose been stated plus costs and reasonable attorney fees or shall be liable to the state or political subdivision for the amount of three times the actual damages if it can be shown that the public record would not have been provided had the commercial purpose of actual use been stated at the time of obtaining the records.

A Class 6 Felony?

Other Republican officials have gotten into big trouble over misusing Voter Vault.

The 'Arizona Guardian' and the other Arizona MSM who have reported falsely on this story owe Charles Jensen a HUGE Apology. So does Brett Mecum who should be fired immediately from his job as ED. He has become a total embarrassment to our Party and he needs to go now!

Charles Jensen is a Class Act. He has done much for the Republican movement here in Arizona and elsewhere. He has worked tirelessly for Republican causes, many times he has paid the expenses out of his own pocket. I have known Mr. Jensen since 2006 and I don't know a more honest and hard working young man. This smear campaign against him is WRONG, the TRUTH needs to be said.

For more excellent reads on this:

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Alexi said...

Mr. Vath, This is not conclusive proof by ANY stretch of the imagination. It's full of more holes than swiss cheese.

In fact, what is most striking to me is how certain receipts seem to be purposefully excluded from certain alleged prostitution encounter dates and not others.

I do not know if Mr. Jensen is innocent or guilty, but the evidence provided certainly doesn't prove his innocence.

My analysis:

1.) July 16, 2007 alleged prostitution service:
a. No hotel or food receipts are provided to show Charles was out of state.
b. It's nothing more than an itinerary. Jensen very easily could have canceled this flight or never been on it but paid for it.

CONCLUSION: Flimsy evidence at best.

2.) Nov 27, 2007 alleged prostitution service
a. Lots of food receipts, no hotel itinerary (info absent on other dates - ALL the day of or after alleged encounter)
b. Time from 12:00 A.M. on 27th until flight time at 6 A.M. unaccounted for.

CONCLUSION: Inconclusive: Jensen would have had plenty of time from midnight until his flight to arrange a liaison with a prostitute. These are the hours most likely for such an arrangement to occur.

3.) Dec 13, 2007 alleged prostitution encounter
a. No travel itinerary or food receipts are provided as proof.
b. Hotel itinerary shows a summary of 12/11/07 - 12/14/07. At first glance this seems like conclusive proof that Mr. Jensen could not have been serviced by a prostitute on Dec 13 except that...
b. Only 2 nights are shown payment for, the 11th and the 12th! So apparently Mr. Jensen cut his intended visit short and left on the 13th (notice there are no charges on the 14th).

Conclusion: Very suspicious. The fact that Mr. Jensen seemingly cut his trip short and flew back to Phoenix on the same day the alleged prostitution encounter happened raises major red flags.

The fact that this proof is presented in a way to mislead casual readers is alarming to me. It doesn't mean Mr. Jensen is guilty of (allegedly) having sex with hookers. But Mr. Jensen better provide more evidence if he truly wants to exonerate himself.

In the meantime, this flimsy evidence, which conveniently excludes certain receipts, just makes me that much more suspicious...

Tony GOPrano said...

"Alexi" or whoever you are, there are plenty more docs showing Mr. Jensen's whereabouts. The posted this today:


ARTICLE POSTED 9.30.2009 | 3:53 PM

Charles Jensen of the GOP group "Politics on the Rocks" has produced documents he says prove that he never hired a prostitute from Desert Divas. The name "Charles Jensen" appeared on a client list released by the Phoenix Police Department, which busted the prostitution ring last year. And the address listed next to the name "Charles Jensen" matched that of the Politics on the Rocks' Jensen. Jensen provided the documents to the blog Politico Mafioso (, and he says they back up his claim that he was out of state on all three occasions "Charles Jensen" used Desert Divas. For the first date listed on the Divas' list - July 16, 2007 - Jensen supplied a scanned copy of a Southwest Airlines itinerary that shows he was in L.A. from July 15 through the 19. On the second date - Nov. 27, 2007 - Jensen says he was traveling in Chicago, and he provides another scanned Southwest Airlines itinerary. He also apparently ate at a restaurant called Tavern on Rush in Chicago on the 29th, where he spent $240.07 on a dinner that included 3 filet mignons, asparagus, fruit sorbet and four Maker's Marks, according to a scanned receipt. On the final date - Dec. 1, 2007 - Jensen provides a scanned copy of a hotel receipt from the Manhattan Beach Marriott in California. Capitol lobbyist Mike Williams also says he was traveling (to Seattle with family) on the date that the list says a "Mike Williams" of "Williams & Associates" paid for a Desert Divas' prostitute named "Samantha."

BTW your anaylisis SUCKS.

Charles Jensen is innocent and you know it!

You want to say he is Guilty, then say it. Will love to see you get sued.

Tony GOPrano said...

Oh and BTW "Alexi" (I know who you are) another article:

GOP organizer provides records showing he was gone on Desert Diva days
By Dennis Welch
The Arizona Guardian

The founder of a popular Republican social club has airline and credit card receipts that he says show he was not in town when a high-priced escort service allegedly sent women to his north Scottsdale home.

Charles Jensen, the founder and director of Politics on the Rocks, was in Chicago and the Los Angeles area on the dates in 2007 that appeared next to his name on a list of alleged clients of Desert Divas, his travel records show.

Jensen, who has maintained he never used the escort service busted by Phoenix police last year, released the information to the media on Wednesday. He has said that someone living ...


Stick that in youre pipe and smoke it!

kenny said...

Actually, "Alexi" is correct. To prove Mr. Jensen took those flights he should provide the boarding passes or barring that, a copy of his frequent flyer account showing the flown miles have accrued to his account. Absent that, all that's been proven is that Mr. Jensen's credit card may have left town.

If there are other documents, or examples of what I suggested, I'm sure you would get a chance to post them.