Saturday, December 20, 2008

Candidate for RNC Chairman-Saul Anuzis From BRUCE ASH

To Arizona GOP Leaders........

I would like to introduce Saul Anuzis , the Michigan State GOP Chairman , who is a candidate for RNC Chair and has received the public support of more RNC members than any other candidate ( 10 members )

Saul Anuzis is a compelling choice for RNC Chair. He is aggressive. He is energetic, sincere and embraces our shared conservative core beliefs here in Arizona .

While you may not have seen him as many times as others on FOX News he frequently articulates our beliefs in his own special way with some of the toughest interviewers on TV and radio. Mr Anuzis has worked on several campaigns , has an excellent record of fundraising and has worked hard for the Michigan GOP under sometimes difficult political conditions.

Saul is not the anti establishment candidate but he is NOT a member of the establishment . Saul's family immigrated to America from Lithuania . As a young boy Saul spoke only his native tongue. He learned English on his own and his father became an union electrician in the auto industry.

Saul worked briefly as an auto worker until he became a Reagan Republican and he first became involved in politics leaving the University of Michigan--Dearborn a few credits short of a degree to work on his first political campaign.

Anuzis has been active in GOP politics while building his own telecommunications business. He sold one company in 2001 and now owns Quick Connect USA where he on leave of absence to run this campaign. Saul is very well respected amongst his RNC colleagues and has been influential within the group during his membership.

Saul Anuzis has announced his intention to make significant changes at the RNC. I have included his op ed titled The Comeback ( see below). I have also given you a link to Saul's website here and I invite you to visit soon. I think you might find his "Blueprint" very compelling.

Saul Anuzis may not be as witty and urbane as some candidates but he is a big thinker and doer.

Saul is not running for RNC Chair to either promote himself or another for President in 2012.

I believe his goal -- like Governor Hayley Barbour did in 1993--is to return our party back into power. He will do so by promoting a 21st century conservative agenda, he will embrace technology( something he knows a great deal about professionally) & he will help rebuild our 50 state parties.

This communication does not constitute my endorsement . I continue to review all of the candidates and encourage you to do so also. This is an important decision for all of activists. I encourage you comments.

Bruce Ash
National Committeeman


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Keith Dunn said...


While I appreciate the post, I think someone has to set the record straight about Saul Anuzis.

I am the College Republican Chairman at Eastern Michigan University. Unless you were a Romney supporter in the youth in Michigan, Mr. Anuzis not only did he not let the Michigan Republican Party help your chapter, Mr. Anuzis actively worked against you to promote College Republican infighting!

I know how ridiculous this sounds and trust me, this was not just during the primary, Mr. Anuzis refused to do anything to help us during the general election as well.

The statewide College Republicans hosted a program called "Resolution Weekends," where they would get people together and go to a different MIGOP Field Office (Victory Center) every weekend. This program helped candidates from John McCain all the way down to the local commissioner. This program was done through all volunteer work and was HIGHLY successful!

HOWEVER, Mr. Anuzis hated the idea of the youth helping John McCain. In order to combat this program, Mr. Anuzis started his own program where they went to different state house districts. He would pay College Republicans to do this and when they were there helping these local state reps by going door to door or making phone calls, they would not include John McCain literature or his name in the phone script.

Aside from that, from the short time that I've really been involved, I have seen Mr. Anuzis participate in the worst party infighting of all times (not just participate... he started most of it!!).

Mr. Anuzis' Executive Director, Jeff Timmer, even threatened to fire a victory staffer that was also a College Republican Chair if he didn't hand over the full 10,000 person College Republican contact list to Saul for him to use for his competing youth program - that again, did not help John McCain.

This is why I wholeheartedly OPPOSE Saul Anuzis for RNC Chairman and I'm certainly NOT ALONE in Michigan - especially in terms of College Republicans.

Keith Dunn
College Republicans
Eastern Michigan University